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I decided to go the way of the smithcrafter in 1997, when I started to study Smithcraft and locksmith in Technical college Soběslav. I am dealing with smithcrafting since apprenticeship (since 2009 full time) in my workshop in Jilovice.

Each piece is made according to the requirement. I always draw the product with customer first, to have an idea of how the work will look like and how much it will approximately cost. I made each product respectfully and according to conventional procedures of smithcrafting. I use natural materials, combine metal with wood or stone. I also arrange surface treatment: hot-dip galvanizing, galvanizing and aluminizing, powder coated.

My focus is on decorative ironwork

  • fences, gates, railings, grids
  • beds, chairs, bar stools, tables
  • handles, hinges, knockers
  • lamps, chandeliers, sconces
  • fireplace tools and doors, grills, barbecues, hoods
  • forged figures, inscriptions, holders for flowers
  • figural sculptures

Each satisfied customer recharges me with a new energy to work :-)

Praise from customer

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Customer Happy, Trebon

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